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Web Design with WordPress

This Web Development course is the Complete Web Development course that you need to become a professional website developer. This course covers the A – Z of web development, it takes you into how to design websites effectively using the WordPress Platform. The WordPress Platform is not just dynamic, robust but also a powerfully scalable platform and is used by at least one-third of all existing websites. Companies like CNN, TIMES, TED, NBC Sports and many of the world’s leading websites are powered by WordPress.

A unique course in itself, takes you to a whole new approach to web design and introduces you to how to get websites up fast and beautifully too. The course covers all you need to know to start developing websites on a professional level and immediately start earning a living by designing website projects for your clients.

Candidates will be required to submit a project at the end of this course.


Delivery: Online

Duration: 12 weeks


  • No previous knowledge required
    Willingness to learn


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