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UX/UI Design with Adobe XD (Masterclass)

At the heart of the most useful products, tools, services and equipment is intentional design. Design is both art and science. Intentional designs have delivered amazing results through the application of universal design principles. When applied to sales, results are exponential. When applied to User Interfaces, the resulting experiences have been amazing.
In this course, we take you on a thrilling journey to a whole new world of design. Prepare to get your mind blown off. After this course, you will no longer look at everyday things as the same. You would have learnt how to apply design thinking and the elements of User Experience design into your designs and achieve outstanding results and visually captivating designs.
This is a hands-on mentored class to ensure that you go from novice to pro and be able to append UX/UI Designer confidently to your name. Come, take this journey with us.
Course – UX/UI Design (Masterclass)
Price – N285,000
Duration – 12 weeks
Prerequisite – Willingness to learn

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