SQL for Data Analytics (with Google BigQuery) (MasterClass)

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This course will teach you how to use SQL, the most widely used language for data analysis, with Google BigQuery, a scalable and powerful cloud data warehouse. You will learn how to write complex queries to extract, transform, and analyze data from various sources and formats. You will also learn how to optimize your queries for performance and cost, and how to use advanced features and functions of BigQuery to solve real-world data problems.

Course Objectives

  • Explain the concepts and benefits of SQL and Google BigQuery
  • Navigate the BigQuery user interface and key features
  • Write SQL syntax and commands to query data from tables and views
  • Use SQL operators and functions to manipulate and aggregate data
  • Use SQL joins and subqueries to combine data from multiple tables
  • Use SQL window functions and analytic functions to perform complex calculations
  • Use SQL common table expressions and scripting to organize and simplify your queries
  • Use SQL user-defined functions and stored procedures to create custom logic and reuse code
  • Optimize your queries for performance and cost using best practices and tools
  • Use BigQuery ML to create and evaluate machine learning models using SQL
  • Use BigQuery GIS to perform geospatial analysis using SQL

Delivery: Online – Weekdays & Weekends

Duration: 2 Months


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