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About Us

At Inventrium Education, we provide training in specific skill-set as well as a selected menu of Software, Applications and Platforms that are in-demand to help you increase productivity, efficiency and work smarter in the work-place or in your personal freelancer or self-employment tasks. Hence, we designed specific courses through a targeted curriculum which enables candidates to learn these skills within a relatively short period.

The skills you acquire from our training enables you to fit into several industry sectors whether as an Online Editor, Content Developer, In-house or Consulting Web Developer, Ecommerce Store Manager, Online Advertising or Social Media Manager for Brands and Corporates, manage Web Hosts, Email Solutions or work as a Creatives/Graphics professional wherever your skills are required. We also provide professional software trainings for Accountants and Managers as well as other custom made training solutions based on our Clients’request.

Our training style goes beyond teaching you for knowledge sake, rather we ensure that students learn how to do. Our trainings are practical, hands-on with real-world technical and business scenarios to ensure that you become a pro right out of the classroom. At the end of the training, candidates are able to use the acquired skills to immediately begin to work as freelancers or otherwise join a team.

Additionally, we provide other training solutions covering several other IT domains which can be tailored to our clients’ needs.

Please contact us if your course of choice is currently not listed as we continue to add more courses over time.

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